Residential Sewer Inspection7 Reasons to Have a Sewer Video Inspection

7 Reasons to Have a Sewer Video Inspection

Buying a new home is an exciting venture that could quickly become ruined by a problem with the sewer line. A sewer video inspection is one of the most effective and accurate means of identifying problems with these waste removing systems. When purchasing real estate, take the time to best protect your interests by having an in-depth sewer inspection of your investment property.

1. Minimizes Expensive Repairs

With the professional video inspection performed by your trusted sewer inspectors, you can easily prevent the exorbitant costs of major reparation.

This will help you identify damages at the earliest stage. This can prevent future costs caused by severely damaged sewer lines and systems.

2. Maintain the Condition of Old Sewer Lines

Your trusted sewer inspectors can help manage the condition of a sewer line in new and older real estate! By using an advanced sewer video inspection, it is possible to assess the piping to reveal any signs of minor and major damages.

Clogs and cracks are easily detected with these assessments. It is important that you call on a certified and professional sewer line inspection service to ensure the proper maintenance is applied. Keep your sewers in perfect operational condition.

3. Prevent Tree Roots Causing Damage

One of the leading causes of sewer line problems is owed to invasive tree roots. The roots penetrate the sewer line and quickly crack the pipes. This leads to blockages and an inability for the waste to effectively be removed from the property.

For older homes and investment property, the detection of tree roots can help prevent the costs of severe damages including clogs and poor backflow.

4. Protect Your Investment Property

If you are interested in a new home for sale as an investment property, a sewer inspection must be performed. Sewer inspections are not part of a home inspection. Home inspection services will only cover what is visible on the outside and not underground.

A video inspection will reveal the damages that are present in the structure itself. This can help you make an informed real estate property purchase. If any signs of degradation and damage are issued in a sewer report, you may use the findings to negotiate a reduction in the property price.

5. Rely on a Professional Sewer Inspection

Before purchasing your home, a professional sewer inspection will ensure that the process of assessment is completed correctly the first time around. A sewer line inspection completed by your trusted experts in the industry includes a professional video of the results.

This will reveal any damages including minor cracks and major deterioration. Based on the inspection, your professional inspectors can proceed with valuable repairs where necessary.

6. Save Time on Your New Home Purchase

A real estate property for sale is an investment. Coming across sewer problems once you move into the home is inconvenient and expensive. It can also take time to address.

When a sewer line inspection is conducted before the final transaction, it can save time on future repairs and having to manage major problems.

7. Make an Affordable Property Purchase

When you receive the results of a sewer line inspection, you can approach the buyer and negotiate a reduction on your property purchase price.

The home for sale can include the repair of the sewer problem or provide an improvement on the offer to purchase.


When you are looking for a home for sale, a sewer inspection is an integral part of protecting your financial interests and investment property.

Call on your leading sewer inspectors and ensure your sewer line is properly assessed before buying your home.