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The best way to inspect a real estate property is with an advance plumbing camera.
Plumbing Camera Inspection


American Sewer Inspection provides Risk Assessment Reports to save you from costly repairs.
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See exactly how the sewer line looks and rule out root damages, breaks, and blockages.
Home Sewer Line Inspection

WHAT WE OFFERResidential Sewer Inspection

You have peace of mind when your home is free from sewer line problems, clogs, and costly disruptions. We provide complete inspections for residential properties with accurate results, at your convenience.
Commercial Sewer Inspection - American Sewer Line Inspection

WHAT WE OFFERCommercial Sewer Inspection

Investing in your business? Our inspections for commercial and industrial properties are unmatched. We can detect problems in no time and at reasonable rates, that you can afford.
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WHAT WE OFFERToilet Removal and Reinstall

We assist with the removal of toilets and the reinstallation of new toilet systems for homes and businesses. It is recommended that toilets be removed for easy access to the sewer pipe.

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FLAT RATEResidential Sewer Inspection

FLAT RATECommercial Sewer Inspection

FLAT RATEToilet Removal & Reinstall

Do you need a Professional Sewer Inspection?

Professionalism may not be the first thing people think of when it comes to sewer inspection, but for us, it's one of the most important tools we carry.

American Sewer Inspection is dedicated to protecting your property investment with leading sewer inspections you can trust. Our expert team provides peace of mind that you are purchasing a home or property without sewerage problems. Our team utilizes video plumbing camera inspections for precision results we share with customers and property sellers online. We make the process simple and efficient, while always keeping our services professional.


Why More Property Buyers Rely on Our Service

Did you know…

Clogged sewerage systems, faulty sump pumps and sewer line problems can cost an exorbitant amount of money and a fair amount of time to repair! The biggest mistake we see homeowners make is the failure to have a property inspected before a purchase.

Residential properties or commercial and industrial properties are investments. Do not make the costly mistake of failing to have sewer lines inspected. We have the knowledge, the tools and the team to inspect your sewers with ease and at your convenience. Our services are affordable and can reveal any blocked sewer lines including the problems responsible for its malfunction.

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Find answers to some of our most common FAQsFrequently asked questions

Are you Qualified to Perform a Sewer Inspection?

We are certified and experienced in performing sewer inspections for residential and commercial properties with accurate and valuable results, every time.

How Does a Sewer Inspection Work?

Consult with us online or by phone to schedule an inspection at your convenience. Our courteous inspectors will issue a detailed report of the findings and discuss an estimate for any repairs and maintenance detected

Do You Provide a Guarantee?

We guarantee exceptional attention to detail, quality sewer inspections and a guaranteed standard of workmanship.

How Accurate is Your Sewer Inspection?

Our sewer inspections are highly accurate because we use video sewer inspection technology. A sewer camera is placed into the sewer line to accurately identify problems from minor to major damages and maintenance needs.

Will You Break Up the Flooring/Ground to Access the Sewer Line?

We try to provide minimally invasive property sewer inspection services. Should we proceed with a repair, we will advise on the best plan of action.

TRUSTED SEWER LINE INSPECTORExpert Sewer Inspectors with Unparalleled Industry Inspections

Our video inspections are detailed in a professional report. It defines the general condition of the sewer system and information concerning damages, blockages, and related problems. We will inform you of repairs and maintenance including the provision of an estimate for your perusal.

Now you can purchase a property with confidence, knowing that your sewer lines have been inspected by the very best sewer inspectors in town.
We guarantee a detailed and professional sewer line inspection service at your convenience by working around your schedule. We issue a professional report the next day to meet your contingency deadline. The uploaded video will be stored and available for viewing and sharing via our YouTube channel, ensuring easy access to our findings.

Now you can schedule an inspection with us online!